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General Overview

Manuport-Liquids, the unique combination of a high quality flexitank and an excellent service. A new way of offering flexitanks.

Having your goods transported in the shortest time, at the lowest cost and in the best and safest conditions possible, this is what logistics is all about. Through our worldwide network of certified agents, we offer you excellent service with regard to the shipping of your non-hazardous liquids all over the globe, by use of the time and money-saving flexitank system. Working independently and with great transparency, including the flexibility needed to operate quickly and cost-efficient.

Manuport-Liquids is your best choice when it comes to the flexitank transport mode. Discover our company, our services and our network.


The flexitank system is an integrated modus for shipping non-hazardous liquids in an efficient, sustainable way. It is 30% more economic than ISO tanks and 50% more economic than drums.